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From the individual to the ensemble

From the individual to the ensemble

Agios Ioannis Pilio Greece, 26/8-1/9/2018. Trikka Margarita, choreographer

From the individual to the ensemble

Margarita Trikka. Choreographer

Theatre Summer Camp – Pilio 2018, Greece
26/8-1/9/2018, Agios Ioannis Beach Pilio Greece
Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network  (



From the individual to the ensemble

Margarita Trikka. Choreographer

Language: english, greek, ..


This workshop will focus on the union of two seemingly opposite poles: individuality  and togetherness. How I discover my personal unique movement and how can i use it as a member of a dance team.

We will work with the movement and its rhythm, its alternating qualities and their contrasts, aiming to understand  how we can  produce meanings through the use of movement.

Based on the principals of contemporary dance, we learn how to move as a collectivity without losing our uniqueness. We improvise under different contexts and by creating various forms, we learn how to compose a dance piece for a group.

Our ultimate task is to move towards performing. To give movement such a meaning that our steps will turn into art.

 Margarita Trikka  was born in Chalkida, Greece in 1984. She graduated from the Professional Dance School “Rallou Manou” (2006) and the Theatre Studies department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2009). She continued her education process attending several workshops on contemporary, improvisation and choreography techniques in Greece, London, Vienna and Amsterdam with great teachers such as D. Zambrano, F. Faust, I. Aspillaga, Kitt Johnson, Ε. Greco, M. Kilvadi, A.Harwood, Z. Dimitriou, Α. Foniadakis, Α. Papadamaki, L.Kapetanea & J. Frucek , S. Paschou, G. Mavragani. Also, she has attended the 3-year workshop "Acting Improvisation" with Eleni Skoti (Epi Kolono theatre). This year has joined the Chorus of String Theory Ensemble (conductor G. Paterakis). As choreographer she collaborated with many festivals, directors and companies: Masdanza 2017 (Canary Islands), International Performance Festival 2017 (Mainz), Arc for Dance Festival 2016 (Athens), Akropoditi Dance Fest 2016 (Syros island), National Theater, Megaron Athens, Kostas Papakonstantinou, Grigoris Hatzakis, Sofia Karagianni, Michalis Kilakos, Ha! theatre Ensemble (1st Prize at Bob Festival 2011), Chalkida's Theater, Dimitris Bogdanos, Andreas Flourakis etc. "Trajectory: a Tragedy of a Victory" is her first production and had its premiere to Arc for Dance Festival 2016 (Athens). It has taken part at several festivals such as: Akropoditi Dancefest 2016 (Syros), International Performance Festival 2017 (Mainz), Masdanza Contemporary Dance Festival 2017 and Masdanza Extencion Tenerife,  Festival Rematias (Halandri Municipality) 2017. Also, it is programmed to take part at Garage of Performing Arts (Corfu) and International Festival Agitart: Figueres es mou 2018 (Figueres). Currently is working on her 2nd piece "Delenda est" which will have its premier at Arc for Dance Festival 2018. As a dancer - performer - actress collaborated with:  Agitart: Figueres es mouTrayectos · Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea, Cádiz en Danza, La Fundicion Bilbao, Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival 2016, Athens Video Dance Festival 2015, MIR Festival 2012 (Athens), Dimitria 2013 (Thessaloniki), Bread and Puppet Theater, Aerites Dance Company, Stella Spirou Cie., MAN Dance Company/ Artemis Lampiri, Apostolia Papadamaki, Eamonn Farrel, “Yelp” Dance Company (Onasis Cultural Center), Olga Spiraki (Kakoyiannis foundation), Antigoni Gyra & Kinitiras Studio, Ha! theatre Ensemble, Frosso Korrou & G. Hatzakis (Benaki Museum), Haris Antaxopoulou / In a few words Company (Megaron), Maxine Hepner and more. She has been teaching since 2005 contemporary dance, improvisation and History of Dance at dance schools, dance studios, drama schools, primary schools and social institutions such as Professional Dance Schooll Anna Petrova, Duncan Cultural Centre, Griffon space, DAN.C.CE, Dancevacuum, Quasistellar, Theatre Of Changes, Korydallos prison and more.



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Agios Ioannis Pilio Greece, 26/8-1/9/2018. Irini Koubarouli actress // 00:00

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Agios Ioannis Pilio, Greece 26/8-1/9/2018 Christos Rahiotis, actor, teacher, drama practitioner // 00:00